Calming Collection – 3 Tracks


Three track collection tailored to create a calming mood, available as a digital download or physical CD

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This improvisation begins in a more sullen mood to match the subject who may need an emotional boost, then shifts gradually to a much lighter, uplifting character of musical style. Tunes suggested within the improvisation are “Logan Water” in a mostly minor key, transitioning to the brighter tempo and feel of Turlough O’Carolan’s “Sheebeg & Sheemore”.

Length: 20:57
Key of D

In this improvisation, intended to distract and aid in sleepiness, a lullaby “All the Pretty Little Horses” is quoted.

Length: 15:32
Key of G

The Scottish traditional melody “Mary, Young and Fair” is played initially at a much faster tempo in order to match an elevated heart rate. Improvisation between versions of the tune slows the tempo gradually until a very lulling tempo is met at the close.

Length: 12:11
Key of A Minor

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Digital Download $20, Physical CD $25


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