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What is Harp Therapy?

Almost everyone has experienced a mood shift from listening to music. At times we benefit from enhancing or changing our moods, especially if the mood is harmful in some way.

Music is the ideal tool. Harp is the ideal instrument. A Harp Therapist observes where the subject is emotionally, listens for tones in the voice as well as watches breathing patterns for clues as to where to begin with the person receiving Harp Therapy. By using these tones which resonate with the person receiving this therapy, and matching the mood, the Harp Therapist gently shifts toward a more positive direction by using ancient musical formulas. The session can include the subjects favorite style of music or genre, as well as specific requests when appropriate.

It is very important to understand that Harp Therapy is not Music Therapy. Music therapists work with a clinical model, diagnose problems and seek a musical prescription.

A Harp Therapist is technically called a Therapeutic Musician, and works with an educational model, accepting the subject and their condition as they are and working with the present mood. When resonance with the subject occurs, the Harp Therapist is able to slowly and gently shift to a different style, mode, or mood depending on the desired outcome of the subject.

Although the verbiage may seem small to some, it is a very important distinction for clarification of sessions, outcomes, and also for legal purposes. Music Therapists and Harp Therapists are known to work in tandem in some facilities especially when patients are bedridden, in need of emotional support.

Martha offers online healing sessions and in-person appointments, based in West Michigan, USA.

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Experience Harp Therapy

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What can Harp Therapy be used for?

The main benefits of Harp Therapy

Many people report restorative and calming effects. Below are a few examples of how Harp Therapy can help you or your loved one.


  • Tension release

  • Rhythm structure for regulating breathing

  • Rhythm structure for developing strength

  • Distraction from pain, reduction in pain medication

Relaxation & Restoration

  • Calming music

  • Uplifting music

  • Emotional support in some cases

  • Distraction from fear of condition or situation


  • Memory support for people with dementia

  • Uplifting vibrational change for shut-ins

  • Palliative / Hospice calls

  • Sundowner syndrome support

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Martha Waldvogel-Warren playing the harp

Martha Waldvogel-Warren

Certified Harp Therapy Practitioner (CHTP)

Martha worked as an employee at the nationally recognized for excellence Holland Hospital in Holland, MI for 7 years. She had the privilege of providing therapeutic music to thousands of patients.

Martha has extensive experience working primarily bedside for individual patients with a variety of conditions, serving patients in the ICU, pre- and post operative floors and other areas throughout the hospital including Special Care Nursery (Neonatal Unit), and individuals as well as groups in the Behavioral Health unit.

Having witnessed remarkable effectiveness of Harp Therapy in these environments, Martha is bringing Harp Therapy to the general public with “Harp Source”. Currently, Martha works at the International Harp Therapy Program where she received her certification, on the team of primary educators to future harp therapists.

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Feedback from sessions

“Thank you sooooooo much for coming to my room to bring the healing grace of your heart-lifting music, exquisite artistry, and gently charismatic presence. All a gift we shall cherish always.

Jason R, Post Surgery

“Martha, the musical interlude that you brought to my hospital room lifted my heart and deeply stirred my emotions. Thank you for the gifted talent that your music brings and the healing it is meant to deliver.”

Bob M, Hospitalized with a new health challenge

“I was so not ok…so uncomfortable, and now I just feel so much better. This music is just so relaxing, so calming.”

Tom W, Multiple hospitalizations and experiences with Harp Therapy

Names have been changed to protect patient privacy

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