Duo Stones Unturned: Martha Waldvogel-Warren, Harp.

Christopher Layer, Wood Flute and assorted Bagpipes with guitarist Danny Noveck

“The Progressive duo Stones Unturned brings joy and passion to traditional music from Ireland, Scotland, Sweden and the Americas as well as their acclaimed new arrangement for the Bach Soata in C for Flute.”



Track List

  1. The Sessions Jigs
  2. The Morning Star Set
  3. El Rio
  4. Tunes from the Beggars Opera
  5. Chaconne
  6. The Francis O’Neil Set
    Sonata in C Major
  7. Andante-Presto
  8. Allegro
  9. Adagio
  10. Minuets
  11. Josefins Dopvals
  12. Katherine Oggie
  13. Loftus Jones
    Alti Zurcher Tanzmusik
  14. Um De Dorfbrunne
  15. Polonaise
  16. The Morning Song (Galicia)


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