Online Harp Therapy

-One-on-one meeting (clients may have family members present) per online format (Zoom, Skype or Webex) arranged by Harp Source.

-Should the session be technically impossible to implement at the time of the scheduled session there will be no refund, but a re-scheduling fee for a later date.

-Client is responsible for all technological equipment and set-up. High quality headphones or Bluetooth speaker are highly recommended for this type of session.

-There must be video connection providing visual feedback so that breathing patterns and facial expressions can be seen by the harp therapist.

-The first few minutes are spent talking about what your goal for the therapy session is whether that may be for relaxation, emotional support or another purpose. At that time, I also assess the resonant tone or tones which would benefit you body most.

-Client has choice of what size of harp will be used. This is an outstanding opportunity to hear the large concert harp with a fuller range of tones and many more low notes which equals larger vibrations.

-Client sits or lays (client’s choice) in preferred space as harp therapy session is provided.


30 or 60 minute sessions are available.

Would you link your session recorded?